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  1. Bachi Karkaria says:

    This was an excellent initiative, and as well organized. Thank you. It provided a window on our peers, and more important, useful contacts. What was particularly helpful fro me was the potential link to regional writers; we have struggled with this from the start. It was also good fun.

  2. Sujata S. Sabnis says:

    Really enjoyed being a part of Shabd lit meet. It was an excellently organised event and we were pampered no end 😊 . What made me feel even more special was that I got an opportunity to interact and learn from the illustrious people gathered there. Dear Bachi , Niloufer, Shampa, Shiney, Sriniwas, Nandan Sir, Mita, Kanak, Anjum, Leher – it was absolutely delightful meeting you and getting to know you awesome guys. I not only learnt a lot from you but you also made it so much fun. A very special thank you to Sundeep Bhutoria for inviting me for the super event. Also thanks to Manisha, Ibada and the entire Shabd Team for the warm hospitality.

  3. Prashant Kashyap says:

    Its a wonderful Initiative where all the festival Directors were under one roof discussing the challenges of Literature festival. it also provided us a chance to meet our peers and exchange ideas. And not mention an excellent hospitality will be so mean. looking forward to see some more unique initiative from Shabd.

  4. Kanak Rekha Chauhan says:

    I whole heartedly welcome the initiative by SHABD to bring together the major Literature festivals of the country and give direction to the synergy so evolved.
    The combined effort will strengthen our collective resolve to enthuse the people of India to discover as well as rediscover the love for the written word.
    Our prevailing common agenda is to bring in literature and various art forms back into our mundane existence which have sadly gotten lost in today’s hustle and hurry stressful life.
    Additionally it was an informative experience to have interacted with our peers as regards the challenges and the rewards of organising lit-fests are concerned.
    I congratulate Shri Sundeep Bhutoria Ji and the entire SHABD Team for conceiving and executing this concept. The hospitality and the well organised, flawless programme was indeed the highlight of the meet and made it a memorable experience for all of us.

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